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Learn Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) Family & People Words. (words in bold added in the last update) Saya - I. Anda - You (formal) Kamu - You (only used for friends and children) Saudara - You (used for brother/sister) Dia - He/She. Kita - We (inclusive) Kami - We (exclusive)

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sister saya adalah istriku Contoh penggunaan Is my sister dalam sebuah kalimat dan terjemahannya Ad loading Prithviji, the thing is my sister was at home but my mother returned yesterday. Prithviji, masalahnya adalah adikku di rumah tapi ibuku kembali kemarin. Leia is my sister. Leia adalah saudariku.

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Sister. Sister Ray" is a song by the Velvet Underground that closes side two of their 1968 album White Light/White Heat. The lyrics are by Lou Reed, with music composed by John Cale, Sterling Morrison, Maureen Tucker and Reed.The song concerns drug use, violence, homosexuality, and transvestism. Reed said of the lyrics: "'Sister Ray' was done as a joke—no, not as a joke, but it has eight.

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Indonesian honorifics are honorific titles or prefixes used in Indonesia covering formal and informal social, commercial relationships. Family pronouns addressing siblings are used also in informal settings and are usually gender-neutral.Pronouns vary by region/ethnic area and depend on the ethnic group of the person spoken to. In addition to being gender- and ethnic-based, pronouns are often.

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noun / ˈsistə/ Add to word list the title given to a female child to describe her relationship to the other children of her parents saudara perempuan She's my sister my father's sister. a type of senior nurse perawat She's a sister on Ward 5. a female member of a religious group. suster a female fellow member of any group anggota perkumpulan wanita

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2.1 Dalam Bahasa Indonesia, kata "sister" diterjemahkan sebagai "saudari". Istilah ini merujuk pada hubungan persaudaraan antara dua perempuan yang memiliki kedua orang tua yang sama. Saudari dapat menjadi saudara perempuan yang lebih tua atau lebih muda.

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Family words in Indonesian Words for family members and other relatives in Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia), the lingua franca of Indonesia and a close relation of Malay.. Key to abbreviations: vfrm = very formal, frm = formal, inf = informal Hear some Indonesian family words:

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What's the Indonesian word for sister? Here's a list of translations. Indonesian Translation. saudara. More Indonesian words for sister. saudara noun. brother, relation, sib, comrade, gentleman. saudara perempuan noun.

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Arti Sister Adalah. Menurut kamus bahasa inggris-bahasa indonesia Arti Sister adalah saudara perempuan, saudara, saudari, suster, ipar perempuan. arti lain sister dalam kata sifat yaitu bersanak saudara. Berdasarkan istilah dalam kata benda, arti kata sister adalah seorang wanita atau anak perempuan dalam hubungan dengan anak perempuan dan anak.

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Saya, ibu, dan adik perempuan saya tidur di ranjang yang sama. This is Jigme and her sister, Sonam. ini Jigme dan saudaranya, Sonam. (Applause) And to go back and to work with our mother is just what we saw in the civil war -- when I was 16, and my sister was 11, when the civil war broke out.

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You might even refer to someone who appears to be just a couple of years older than you as "brother" or "sister." Below, you'll find all of the basic terms you'll need to have a conversation about family in Indonesian. Click the play button to hear how each word is voiced by a native speaker. Essential Vocab For Family In Indonesian

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sister {kata benda} volume_up sister volume_up saudara perempuan {kt bnd} Contoh penggunaan English Indonesian Contoh kontekstual "sister" di bahasa Indonesia Kalimat ini berasal dari sumber eksternal dan mungkin tidak akurat. tidak bertanggung jawab atas isinya. My mother, my sister and I slept in the same bed. more_vert

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Indonesian speaker. Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia; [baˈhasa indoˈnesija]) is the official and national language of Indonesia. It is a standardized variety of Malay, an Austronesian language that has been used as a lingua franca in the multilingual Indonesian archipelago for centuries. Indonesia is the fourth most populous nation in the world, with over 279 million inhabitants of which the.

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Translation of "sister" into Indonesian . kakak perempuan, saudara perempuan, suster are the top translations of "sister" into Indonesian. Sample translated sentence: Well, it could be an aunt or an older sister, but mother's more likely. ↔ Bisa juga seorang bibi atau kakak perempuan, tapi ibu lebih mungkin.