10+ Wallpaper Martis Mobile Legends (ML) Full HD for PC, Android & iOS

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With a dash, Martis deals 800, 900, or 1000 (+100% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to the targeted enemy [Hero]. When the target's HP falls to 50% or less, he deals True Damage in its place. When using this skill to take down a target, Martis obtains 100% Movement Speed for 5 seconds and can use the skill again in 10 seconds.

10+ Wallpaper Martis Mobile Legends (ML) Full HD for PC, Android & iOS

Martis uses Spell Vamp and his passive attack speed steroid to becoming an undying monster when played properly. His status as a fighter allows him to take damage and inflict it, making it easy for him to charge in and pick apart low health targets in the middle of team fights. Because Martis is a fighter, he's not as durable as an actual.

10+ Wallpaper Martis Mobile Legends (ML) Full HD for PC, Android & iOS

Berikut adalah skill-skill dari hero Martis dalam Mobile Legends: 1. Ashura's Wrath. Setiap kali menggunakan skill, Martis akan mendapatkan 15 persen penambahan attack speed yang bisa di-stack hingga 60 persen. 2. Ashura Aura. Martis menyerang musuhnya dengan Ashura Teeth dengan area serangan berbentuk cone.

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Kelebihan dan Kekurangan Martis ML Sumber : Uhdpaper.com. Buat kamu yang ingin menggunakan hero Martis, cek kelebihan dan kekurangannya berikut ini. Siapa tahu bisa membantu. Kelebihan. Berkat skill 2 miliknya, Martis menjadi hero Mobile Legends yang immune terhadap semua crowd control dan damage.

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5. Rose Gold Meteor (2120) - High damage absorbing shield and additional movement speed. This is a perfect item that provides both attack and defense, a perfect balance for a damage-build Martis. 6. Immortality (2120): on-the-spot revival. Revives the hero when killed on top of its additional HP and Physical DEF. 2.

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Here is the recommended Revamped Emblem for Martis in MLBB; Moonton. Tier 1: Agility - Extra movement speed to chase down enemies or move around the map. Tier 2: Seasoned Hunter - Faster jungle camp clearing and Lord or Turtle securing. Tier 3: Killing Spree - More sustain when taking down enemies.

Martis Mobile Legends Wallpapers Wallpaper Cave

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Martis Mobile Legends Wallpapers Wallpaper Cave

March 1, 2024. Martis is a powerful fighter with high damage and fast fighting speed. He easily rushes you with Mortal Coil and finishes you off with Decimation. To counter Martis, you need to interrupt his attack rhythm with crowd control and burst damage. Use items that slow attack speed, increase armor, and block physical damage.

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Martis can damage a single enemy by casting this skill and deal 650/750/850 (+100% of Total Physical Attack ) amount of physical damage. Successfully killing an enemy by this skill will grant Martis 100% extra Movement Speed and he can again cast this skill within 10 seconds. Successive killing increases Ultimate's damage, capped at 30%.

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Setiap hero di Mobile Legends tentunya memiliki kata-kata atau suara yang menjadi ciri khas mereka. Nah, pada kesempatan kali ini Gamedaim Tips akan membahas mengenai 11 kata-kata yang diucapkan oleh Martis di Mobile Legends. Martis bisa dikatakan sebagia hero underrated, pasalnya meski memiliki kemampuan yang mumpuni, namun hero satu ini jarang sekali terlihat digunakan di pertandingan Ranked.

10+ Wallpaper Martis Mobile Legends (ML) Full HD for PC, Android & iOS

If the enemy hero's HP is below 50%, this skill will deal true damage. Once Martis successfully kills an enemy hero with this skill, Decimate's cooldown will instantly refresh and even provide a 100% bonus in movement speed for five seconds. Note that the increase in speed will decay gradually within the five-second duration of its effect.

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Updated on February 16, 1:12 p.m. (GMT+8): Improved relevancy. Updated on October 26, 10:30 a.m. (GMT+8): Added relevant guides. Martis, the Ashura King, possesses a unique skill set that makes him a highly versatile fighter hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.. He has multiple crowd control skills, control immunity, attack speed buff, and burst physical damage from his ultimate that resets.

Martis Mobile Legends Wallpapers Wallpaper Cave

Hero Fighter dengan mobility yang baik. Pertama, kelebihan martis terdapat pada mobilitas yang sangat baik. Hero satu ini memiliki movement speed yang akan meningkat ketika martis berhasil mengalahkan lawan. Tak hanya itu, setiap penggunaan skill dapat memberikan tambahan Speed yang sangat cocok untuk mengejar lawan ataupun melarikan diri dari.

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Martis, the Ashura King, is a hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The Shura clan have thrived in isolation for countless generations, in the Arcapada universe. Their men, renowned for being the world's bravest fighters, and their women famed for being the world's greatest beauties. At the heart of the Shura clan's beliefs lies the legend of the Three Thousand Worlds. The legends speaks of three.

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Martis lunges at a designated enemy hero, dealing 800(+100%Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage (deals True Damage if the enemy's HP is below 50%). If the enemy is killed by this skill, Martis can cast the skill again within 10s and gains 100% extra Movement Speed that gradually decays over 5s. Each successive cast also increases the skill's.